The multi-cuisine restaurant, serves South Indian, Mughalai, Continental Cuisine with the warm and friendly hospitality.

The restaurant offers the mix of Indian classical dishes as well as new innovative creations from across the nation. This gourmet paradise reflects flavors of India in a contemporary way, served in a gourmet dining ambience. The tamarind sorbet, sugarcane sorbet to change the palate, Kadi patte ke scallops, Ganderi Kebabs, Haleem Aur Kebabs, Atta Raan will be carved by table side. A new selection of breads and spreads will add to the dining experience.

The unforgettable taste of the cuisines will bring you to these beautifully done restaurant every time you are in Jaipur. It maintains the finest tradition of Indian Hospitality.

Timings : 07:00 AM To 12:00 PM


The bar offers an international range of beverages to your choice along with an exciting range of snacks and short- eats. For an ultimate culinary delight make your turn to the Hotel Highway King, and feel the difference with in the lap of nature.

Timings : 11:00 AM To 10:45 PM

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