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About Us



Hotel Highway King is the King of the highways, literally and metaphorically. We began our journey 25 years back and now we are proud owners of hotels in 6 different locations.

Since then we have come a long way. Hotel Highway King was opened by Mr. Ratan Yadav with the sole purpose of redefining hospitality on highways. We offer all the basic amenities and more, making your hotel stay just how it should be – hassle free and comfortable.

Today Hotel Highway King is synonymous to a modern home on highways. Our hotel is laced with all the modern amenities, from Kid’s play area, shopping hubs and game zones to in-house luxurious dining – we have something for every member of your family.

Hotel Highway King is located at more than 5 locations, and if you are on the Jaipur-Delhi highway, chances are, we will find you. After all, how can you miss King ka khana?

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24/7 Availability

5 Star Reviews

Why Choose Us

Our lush green gardens with swimming pools are as inviting as our Maharaja Deluxe rooms. Don’t feel like Maharaja Deluxe today? We have other options for you, you can choose between a suite room and a super deluxe anytime.

Some other amenities that make us one of a kind are our economically priced packages, free 24-hour Wi-Fi, 24-hour fine dining, 3 hours of express laundry services and to go with all this – on demand yummy food.

The unparalleled customer services and reviews that follow, sing the glory of unmatched and victorious journey of the Hotel Highway King. Have you been a part of it? Well, leave us a review then and if you have not been a part of this, then read the reviews and join us on our journey to make your journey luxurious yet comfortable.

Our economically priced packages combined with all the amenities, will make your hotel stay comfortable and content.

Despite being located on a highway, our hotels are 100% safe and guarded.

We are easily accessible on Jaipur-Delhi highway, you just can’t miss us!